6 Simple Keyword Research Tips for Small Business Owners


When you are planning to start your online presence, make it so good that it will outnumber the competitors. The only way is to select the right SEO Agency in Connecticut that will help you by providing effective strategies and executions.

The first step of a successful SEO strategy includes keyword research and selection. When you target the right keyword for your business, it will take you to the top within a few days. You need to find out the right words that most of your potential customers use to find out your service or products. Along with the search volume, they must check the competition as well. 

So, to get yourself familiarize with the whole concept of keyword research, here are six excellent tips that will help you through the process. 

  1. Homework: The first thing you need to do is homework for the keyword. When you own a small business, the budget should be constrained. So, selecting the keywords is of prime importance as you don’t have time to experiment with it. For that, you need to list all the categories of the business and select the words that describe your business. Whether you are doing pay-per-click marketing or site optimization; this is the basic step that you need to complete. 
  2. Check with Tools: Now after completing the listing, you have to check it with the keyword research tools used by the SEO Agency. However, you don’t need to trust them blindly as you can read them all and then create your own list. You can use the Google Keyword Planner along with WordStream Keyword Tool and Moz Keyword Explorer. 
  3. Specific keyword: Now you have to understand the psychology of the users. You have to understand how they think while searching on the internet. Google Auto Suggest is also another excellent way to assume the keywords. It will help you to understand how the users do their research. You can take the part that goes best with your product or service. 
  4. Long-tail keyword: When you have already found out the long-tail keywords that you are using on your website, it is time to find out your long-tail keywords. The main reason is that the long-tail keywords are not that much competitive like the primary keyword. For that reason, these are easier to rank. However, while inserting the keywords, make sure that they come organically within the keywords. 
  5. Pay Per Click: There is no doubt that the pay-per-click campaign will get more traffic on your page. However, you need to know the strategies how to engaged that diverted traffic so that they can stay and explore the website and take interest in your business. Remember while designing the campaign that you are looking for customers not clicks on the search result.
  6. Location: You have to use your location to select the keywords for your small business. Make sure that the keywords are localized and use the location-based phrases in it. It is a definite way to get more meaningful and useful customers who have the potentiality to give you success.